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Ran fine, suddenly wont start

2004 chrysler sebring Has ran great until last night, suddenly nothing happens when I turn the key, only dashlights no sound. What is it??

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You could have a serpentine belt that's very old and loose that isn't spinning the alternator to get the car to crank over. If that's not it and you know your battery has juice then you could have a bad armature in your starter possibly


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There could be many reasons for your problem. The first one is most probably a flat battery. Try connecting you car's battery to another car's battery using jumper leads +ve to +ve and -ve to -ve , start the other car's engine and allow it to charge your battery for a short while. DO NOT attempt to start your engine yet! After a while, stop the other engine, then remove the jumper leads and try to start your car. Be careful when connecting/removing the jumper leads, do not let them touch anything else besides the battery terminals while one end is still connected to a battery.

If it starts OK after that you need to find out why the battery went flat. Did you leave the headlights on after you turned off the motor last night perhaps? Take it to an auto electrician to have the charging circuit checked out.

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If your battery is good and it still won't crank over then your serpentine belt that turns over the alternator, ac compressor and more could be so old and loose it's not catching all the time to turn over the alternator to get power to the vehicle so it will start. If that wasn't the issue you could have a bad armature in your starter if your starter is getting the proper juice to it. Easy to check starter you tube has plenty of videos if you need help with anything I said above.

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