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The Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Pro is a 13 inch simple and easy to use hybrid laptop, created by Toshiba in 2014

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CTRL buttons not working

My CTRL buttons don't work anymore. I contacted a repair shop and they say they may have tor eplace the whole keyboard, which means the whole base of the laptop. Which defies the whole purpose of taking it to them. I guess I can just buy one myself. My question is is it possible to get just the keyboard on the market?

Also is it possible to fix the buttons without having to change the whole base?

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Try uninstalling the keyboard drivers and restarting the pc , maybe u missed with configuration of the keyboard .

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How do I do that? Also will they be reinstalled afterwards? I'm not the most computer savy person unfortunately


right click on My computer > properties > device manager > find keyboard there and uninstall under it . don't worry after restart pc will recognize it and do the proper driver for it .


I tried it twice. It didn't work.


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