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1.83 GHz Core Duo or 1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo A1208 (EMC 2104/2110/2114/2124)

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Vertical lines appearing on display?

It will also go all white for awhile on start up, but will turn on after awhile. So I believe its the graphics chip that's causing the problems.

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Are the lines solid in place or are they sort of flickering across the screen? Flickering lines or just unstable video in general is usually a sign the graphics card on the logic board has failed.

Sometimes after an EFI or SMC update I have seen rainbowish vertical lines appear. What usually solved this was a PRAM zap. Try that and see what happens.

If zapping the PRAM didn't work and you DO see a picture on an external monitor then it's your LCD. If no picture shows up on the external monitor then it's your logic board. But their is also a small chance it could be the LVDS cable. This is the cable that connects the LCD to the logic board.


1. Take it to apple store, they will fix that "hopefully free of charge".

2. It's not logic board, it's the LCD.

3. Please update us.


Having the same issue with my Dual Core 17". Just opened a ticket with Apple Support. I'll let you know the outcome.


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I just had the same problem, after doing some research I found out this was a known issue and Apple has started a WORLDWIDE warranty replacement program for any 17" LCD affected by vertical lines and as far as I know there's no expiration of this program. My warranty was up in August of 2007 and it's Nov 13, 2010 and it's getting repaired for free. If you call Apple they will not help you and try to charge you $49 for phone support, you need to take it to the Apple Store and don't take no for an answer. If it helps reference my case ID # 186751354 and they should see that this program exists. It was difficult for me at first to get them to help.

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Got the same problem on my daughter's 17"iMac. Hope they repair it free of charge here in Europe, too...


Chris, thanks for your answer. I just bought one of these machines on eBay for $132 with exactly this problem. I'll come back and let you know my results but I should be able to at least triple my money. If you have a flattr account or PayPal account please click on my icon and email your information so that I may send you a financial Thank You when I sell it.


Just got my iMac. Called Apple and they're sending someone to my house to replace my screen for free.


Apple fixed the first one for free. I now have another 1.83 Core Duo and a 1.83 Core 2 duo with the same problems, will see if Apple fixes them.


I had about a dozen of them fixed for free until Apple started giving me a hard time and basically refused to do it. They did fix all the one's I had and I think if I pushed the issue they would have had to repair them anyways since I would have a valid legal complaint of them not honoring the warranty.

Bottom line, get them fixed until they get sick of you and make a few bucks :P


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If you connect an external monitor and the output appears normal, the problem is likely a bad display data cable or possibly a failing LCD. If the output on the external is also poor, your logic board is likely the culprit.

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