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GE Microwave Oven jes1451 will not turn on

Microwave will not turn on. Checked main fuse near cord inside cabinet and have continuity fuse is good. What would be the next step.

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The next thing to do is trash it because this thing will kill you. There are some things that are just to dangerous to try to fix. These things kill experienced repair people. I wouldn't even attempt to fix my own and I fix almost anything. Buy a new one or take out a lot of life insurance before working on it.

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good answer--if you go ahead make absolutely sure the door closes properly or you risk radiation exposure. +


Thanks I think this is the way to go. Its in the trash.


Good decision, I very seldom avoid fixing something but microwaves are scary and cheap to replace.


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Does it show anything on the display but won't start? If there's nothing on the display, checking that there's continuity (unplugged of course) on everything that's obviously between the end of the power cord and fuse would be about as far as I could recommend.

If the display is working, I would look to the interlock switch for the door. There is always an interlock on the door of microwaves that prevents them from operating if the door is open, see if you can access this, and test continuity on it and the wiring that leads to it.

I know you obviously have a multimeter, but for other users, to test continuity, you would use a Digital Multimeter to test fuses, wires, and switches.

Digital Multimeter Bild


Digital Multimeter


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Eric's suggestion on the door interlock switch recently worked for me, they get alot of play with the door opening and closing, and cost 9 bucks , easy to change and check!


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