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Dritte iPad Generation, 4G fähig, Modellnummer A1430, erhältlich seit dem 16. März 2012. Die Reparatur erfordert Hitzezufuhr und vorsichtiges Hebeln.

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Dock connector works just when heated

Hi! I've got the common problem with the dock connector of my ipad: no volume control, mute speakers; it shows only "Apple TV" and "Dock connector" on the airplay available devices. it "believes" that's connected to a docker connector.

The only way to make it work is blowing some hot air with an hair dryer, but after 5 minutes the volume control disappears again.

Have I to replace the dock flat cable or can I try something different?

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well i have 3 ipads and i think 1 is the same you have but the headphone plug is when you use a heaphone the airplay is sound and video so sound is from there and my sisters ipad volume control got sticky and dident work so its just pull the volume and it shuld be put it back abd it works again


and the cable is made of hair thin cables that break easy bellive me i have lost 5 chargers i think but now i foundout my female side on the ipad is wiggle up down that makes it hard to get power bit it can show it gets =_= i took some salive on the charge cable and plug it in it worked for a wile i mean apple have made the cable i have a broken i show you what apple are good for -.-


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here is the thin cable and i did it anfer i got so mad it whas the red + power is not conected heres the dum part i just tool thr scin off it whas like that inside so if it brakes i say wire new stronger cables insted of buying a lie and the fun part is there is a wite layer that makes it bend and not brake well it is the hole cable but just stopt where it needs the most and yes thats why you have to buy a new so often >_< so it dosent matter if it is good and i cant belive that is a cable i mean headphones are stronger than that! so yes its the end of the cable or the female plug of the ipad that is cheap made it brakes even if you are careful :-/ so + suddenly i updated my software to ios 10 and bifore that i culd charge with my TV or my old dell 5000 pc but afte the update i got this LADDAR INTE -_- and yes it said that in both not in the charger strage huh?

well hope this helps

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