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Released in 2013 Model number: ONETOUCH 7024W FCC ID: RAD386

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wont come come completely on

My phone turns on to the "Alcatel One Touch, powered by Android" screen then it just does tht repeatedly and then it just stops , it wont come completely on. idk what to do and the battery is unable to be taken out.

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i was looking at a post on facebook.. when i closed the app the phone just randomly turned off & is now stuck at the alcatel one touch screen


Same $@$* happened to me^^


Me too, anyone ever figure it out


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Not sure if you already tried this or not, but power off your phone completely again so that it shuts down fully which will hopefully reset the glitch that the app may have caused. If it won't shut down completely for you, you may have to try to leave it on until the battery drains fully before charging it up and trying again.

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Same thing is wrong with my phone it goes on and off wont stay on so i charged it now it just won't do nothing could it be the battery i dont wanna junk the phone cuz my grand daughter being born is on the phone i loved this phone can some one please help me


Me too, did anyone ever figure it out


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