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Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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Touch ID not working after screen replacement (original Home Button)

Hello, yesterday I changed the display on an iPhone 6, everything was working fine except for Touch ID. As I already repaired many iPhones I know that only the original homebutton will work with touch ID so I used the original button, but everytime I try to register a fingerprint it says "Touch ID failed" (don't know the correct translation as my phone is in german). Pressing the button to get to the homescreen and so on works fine, just touch ID is giving me problems. I did definetly not damage any part of the flex cable or the button.

I already tried performing a factory reset and also restarted with home and power button but still no success, also reattaching and cleaning the ports with isopropanol didn't fix it.

Does someone have an idea what else I could try?

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Try another home button extension cable. You can buy either the cable only by itself if you want to install it on the metal plate or buy one with the metal plate and home button extension cable pre-installed as one piece.

If that still does not work then I'm afraid the touchID for the home button has gone bad.

A link to the part on the iFixit website in case you want to buy one from here:

iPhone 6 LCD Shield Plate with Sticker and Home Cable

Note: Replacing the home button extension cable will not cause the TouchID to not work properly.

iPhone 6 LCD Shield Plate with Sticker and Home Cable Bild


iPhone 6 LCD Shield Plate with Sticker and Home Cable


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already tried that, forgot to mention it... I used the flex cable from another iphone where touch id works but it doesn't work...


Did you transfer the small metal plate under the touch ic flex (adhered to screen) to new screen? It's right under the home connector flex connection in picture below. I would also check to see if the connector itself has been damaged....as in any pins damaged on the original home button itself (microscope needed).



Sorry for the late reply, yes I also transferred the metal plate to the new screen. The connector isn't damaged but I am beginning to think that the person who sold me the phone is lying about the home button (told me that the phone has never been repaired before)


Yeah, it could be that the home button was replaced before. When I sell phones that been repaired before I usually say they have been refurbished and restored to working condition but touch ID no work or just say touch ID won't work. Either way is acceptable I believe.


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bro just reset settings that works

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