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Das Galaxy SII ist ein Smartphone mit Android "Gingerbread" das von Samsung designt, entwickelt und vertrieben wurde.

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Why won't my phone turn on?

I was using a wireless speaker with my phone and it just went black. the music kept playing so i shut off the speaker. I tryed putting my phone to charge but its not working. it a new phone, has had no contact with water, and has never had any problems before .

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Christy, You can try a soft reset. Remove the back panel and pull the battery out.

Press and hold power button for one minute with battery out.

Install the battery and put cover on.

Try to turn the phone on and try to charge.

Since it is a newer phone If soft reset does not work, return it to place of purchase or the manufacturer for warranty refund/replacement/repair.

Check the attached link for more trouble shooting on the Gallaxy S2, instruction and guide, Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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@lpfaff1 I was looking at your avatar and i looks like a 1965 Chevy. Can you tell us anything about it? Or add it to your profile? Looks pretty bad, is it yours?


@mayer , thanks for asking, The pic. is identical to my 1967 Camaro, color and all, which I have had for 37 years, After numerous engine/transmission/rear end swaps, It now sits with a 454 BB engine, 4 speed close ratio Muncie and 4.11 12 bolt posi rear end. Started doing a 2nd restoration on it, about 1982 and the car has been stored since that time. I keep telling myself someday!

mayer should I add this to my profile for a start.


@lpfaff1 I'd add it. It really tells about your experience. But storing it for 34 years? I realize it's a great investment but so sad to hear it's just sitting, aging, gumming up ;-((


@lpfaff1 I lost a 52 Pontiac and a 79 Trans am to a shop fire both of which i had owned for years the TA from new and the Pontiac was give to me to restore by my grandfather when I was a young buck and he got me started on the road to restorations. Every car has a backstory and I for one would love to hear yours


Also just noticed where your from . Just up the road from me


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