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Die Wi-Fi Version des iPad Air mit der Modellnummer A1474 ist in Space Grau und Silber erhältlich. Sie enthält einen A7 Prozessor und ist mit 16, 32, 64 oder 128 GB Speicherkapazität erhältlich.

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I need a display cable bracket

I am repairing an iPad Air 1st Gen and have found that a previous repair shop did not replace the display cable bracket shown in step 37 for this guide:

iPad Air Wi-Fi Frontglas austauschen

I have spent several weeks on the internet trying to find the price with now luck. I've lost 8 bids on eBay auctions trying to get an iPad for-parts. At this point, I'm looking to manufacture a facsimile of the part out of a small aluminum plate. Before I do that, I thought I would ask this community.

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You can put like something else above it to act as a metal plate to keep it in place as well, you know that right?


But what could you put? I'm in the same idiotic predicament!


I'm perplexed at the fact no one manufactures this stupid plate anywhere...


I ended up fabricating one from flashing I purchased at Home Depot.


What is flashing? And how'd you do it?


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I believe that bracket really is only there to keep the cable in place. If you are having trouble finding the part honestly I would either look for the same generation iPad in not working condition on ebay or another auction site or just drill small holed in any small piece of metal to save some money.

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Good suggestion, you could use a old shield form pretty much any donor board and cut to size.


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