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Can anyone ID this screw type


Anyone have any ideas on a screw kit that would cover this very small micro screw? Or maybe a single screw driver... I prefer wera brand.. Anyhow thanks in advance for any help.

Block Image

.. I think the screw head it is about 2.38mm in diameter if I

measured it correctly. Its very very small.

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I think that it is a Torx head screw.

Here is a link describing Torx head screws.


Judging by your description it will be roughly a T8 size. (2.31mm point to point distance)

Here is a link to just one supplier of the brand that you want.


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@jayeff the way I read the question, it is the complete screw head that is 2.38mm, not point to point. I'd go with a sizeT1 orT2


You are right that was the complete screw head. Thanks so much i got a hold of a T2 and it worked perfectly. Thanks again!!


Hi @oldturkey03

Thanks for that. As my old school teacher used to say to me a long, long time ago ... read the question John!


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