Why don't lights work after changing multicolor bulbs to one color?

I wanted a couple strings of all-red and all-green holiday lights for a decoration, but I could only find multicolor strings (red/green/blue/yellow/orange). So I bought 5 multicolor strings and swapped out the bulbs so that each string is all one color. When I plugged in the blue string, it wouldn't light up. When I plugged in the orange string, it lit up for a second then went out and smelled like burnt plastic (probably blew a fuse).

I know different colors of LEDs pull different amounts of power, but I didn't think there was a significant enough difference to overload (or underload) a light string. Is the same thing going to happen when I plug the others in? I.E. will the red string blow a fuse while the green doesn't work? Is there any way to get the effect I'm looking for (all red or all green) on a single string of lights? Thanks.

ETA: What about getting a 250-bulb strand and swapping bulbs so the first 50 are green, second 50 are red, third 50 are blue, etc.--will that work?

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Kelly, Mini LED light strings/wires and bulbs can be very finicky, wires seam a little delicate at connections to bulb sockets and it does not take much to pull them from making good connection and could cause short hense the burn smell of your orange string. One faulty bulb or connection will make a string fail as with your blue string. As far as getting a 250-bulb strand and swapping bulbs so the first 50 are green, second 50 are red, third 50 are blue, etc. should work if done very carefully and wires are not dislodged from bulbs sockets, bulbs are not faulty(broke), bulbs seat in socket well,etc. You might want to save the aggravation because there are strings of 50/100 etc. led Christmas lights solid color available at various retailers. Links below tell of trouble shooting and repair and a few places where solid color strings can be purchased. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.






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