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LCD backlight gone to the darkside. LED strips dead!

Hi, I have an iMac late 2012

I was doing some hardware upgrades (Memory, SSD & Processor). After the upgrade the LCD went dark... did some tests and cables are fine,

The suspect: LED strip bar (using a flashlight I can see the icons and stuff in the screen). Where I can find a new one?

Another question: How do I test the LED driver, just in case? In a crude test I just get around 2v to 2.5v in the LED's driver pins!

Thanks for any help!

Update (11/17/2016)

Hi, I found a guy selling a LCD, same year same model as mine... but the part number don't match. Mine is LM215Wf3(SD)(D1) and his LM215Wf3(SD)(D2).

If I get this new LCD, it will work on my iMac? Any one knows what the final (D...) means? (He is asking like $1500 US. (I'm not in US) Its a lot if money to get the wrong part!!

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Where are you? Lets see if we can find a better supplier nearer to you.


I'm in Brazil... the nearest Apple is in Sao Paulo, about 1300 mi from here. ebay nobody ship to Brazil! The options at this point: get a new one or "Argh" get a PC.... Feel the pain to get an Apple product and be isolated in the world!! Hahahaha


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If you indeed damaged the display there is no means to fix it as it's a sealed unit. The backlight LED's is part of the display unit. I damaged one in the process of taking it off as the tool I used at the time went in just a bit to far. Which is why you need the special roller tool and lots of patience taking the display off.

I would make sure the power ribbon cable is not damaged as well as make sure the connectors on the display and logic board are OK as well. If you feel they are OK here I would try a replacement display. As it sounds more likely you damaged it in the process of taking it off.

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