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Das Apple iPhone 5c wurde am 10. September 2013 angekündigt. Ausgerüstet mit Schraubenziehern und Hebelwerkzeugen, geht die Reparatur ähnlich vonstatten wie bei den Vorgängermodellen. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA mit 8, 16 oder 32 GB in weiß, pink, gelb, blau und grün.

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Touch screen not working after replacement

I have put in 4 diffrent screens and they all do the same thing they turn on look great but touch only half works and works half of the time can someone help what else could it be or what am I doing wrong I don't think that I would get 4 bad screens

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Make sure all the connections to the motherboard are securely in place, there may be times when some of the cables are partly connected and some are not, leading it to not function properly. Also this tends to happen if you tighten the bracket above the cables too tightly not giving the cables a secure fit into the logic board. Also it can be easy to damage the connectors when not being careful, leading the components to breaking or not functioning properly. I always recommend turning off the device and taking out battery before repair, just to be cautious and to help not accidentally fry a component while during operation. It can also occur when people purchase off-brand screens, which tend to be the really cheap priced LCD/digitzer. So make sure you purchased the screen from a reliable company/brand. Hope this helps the situation. If 4 screens are all having a difficult time, it may be the component on the motherboard.

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Ok here is what I found out so I got 4 new screens and the screens keep doing the same think touch only work part of the time and if I start over and close the phone and put my password back in it work for a little while so i ordered a new screen already put together with back plate and home bottom front camera and mic. Cause I put that back plate on every screen I got and they all do the same thing so that has to be what is wrong and if not their is one other peice on the logic board that need to be heated up with a heat gun to be replaced so I am hoping that this back plate is the problem let u guys know in a few day when I get the full assembled screen installed

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