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Die dritte Generation der Samsung Galaxy Note Phablet Serie wurde am 25 September 2013 veröffentlicht. Es trägt die Modelnumer N9005.

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Dropped phone. Works fine but screen is black.

I had some issues yesterday and threw my phone at the carpeted floor. When I tried to use my phone, the screen wouldn't turn on. I pressed the power button to restart it. The LED light turns on and the phone vibrates but the screen won't turn on. I tried to look up the internet but I cannot know what is broken. I want to repair it the cheapest way possible. Please help me.

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what do i do


When I put this phone in charge, there is a sound and the light comes on but the screen remains black and not onand does not turn on please answer this question quickly


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Check the inside to make sure the LCD ribbon has not come disconnected from the board. Does it boot fine with no picture (do you hear notifications, etc)?

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I have the same problem and I hear notifications from my phone also


Me too but I can hear notifications and the touch-screen works too and everything else but the screen


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