Bluetooth Not Working For Dell Core i5 Windows 7

I'm using Dell Core i5 for almost 3 years. I used to have Windows 8, with which bluetooth used to work perfectly. Since I changed the Windows to Windows 7, my laptop's bluetooth is not working properly. Whenever I try to connect it to any device via bluetooth, it says, "Waiting for connection". Even though I have tried all the options to let any device connect to it, it's still not connecting to any device. Can someone help me, please?

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What is the model number of your laptop?

Have you checked in Device manager to see whether the BT adapter is working properly?

Have you got the correct Win7 drivers installed for your BT adapter?

What have you tried to do.


Yeah, on the device manager, it's working properly. I've tried to connect my phone to it. On Windows 8, the phone was paired to it, but now when I try to connect it, it says "Make sure your device has bluetooth on". The laptop is Inspiron 15 Core i5.


Hi, Have you tried the 'forget this connection ' or whatever your phone says and try to re-pair it again?

Have you tried uninstalling the BT in Device Manager restarting the laptop and letting Windows 'find' the BT and install it?

Can you try with another phone to see if you can connect successfully to prove whether it is the phone or the laptop?


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in device manager uninstall blue tooth driver and then scan for new hardware and let it reinstall, i have seen this work recently.

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