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Won't power up, completely dead-as-a-doornail

I've got a MacBook Pro 15.4 inch Late 2008 model (Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, Hybrid Intel+NVidia graphics)

It's on it's third battery, which is on it's last legs, (~30 min runtime)

The problem started out with it not always wand to start up from a cold boot state, (Dead-as-a-doornail when attempting to boot, although battery level check button would work, and it would appear to charge when connected to 85w magsafe adapter.)

Now it has completely given up the ghost, it seems.

I have tried with more than one 85w magsafe adapter. (my mom is still using a Core Duo MacBook Pro (pre-unibody))

Is there any hope for this old workhorse, or do I need to send it to the glue factory?

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Try an SMC reset after you get your battery fully charged.


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Tried SMC reset, no change.


Anything, tones, any sounds, any lights?


Yes, absolutely nothing. still dead-as-a-doornail, other than the battery will charge and the battery indicator lights will indicate the battery charge.


Sounds like a parts machine to me.


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