Push bar to open door isn't working correctly.

When we push the rectangular area to open the door, it will still open, but feels loose. I'm afraid the latch will quit working entirely. It seems to be a spring that has maybe come off a bracket that hold it in place, or maybe the spring itself has broken. All the remedies I see, deal with a door latch that has a handle, this one does not have a handle.

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Thank you very much for the diagram. It has pretty much confirmed that I have diagnosed the problem. Now, to decide if it is worth it to get it repaired! Or, perhaps the remaining spring will keep working for awhile!


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Loise, Micro waves are one of the most (((dangerous))) appliances to work on! From the link below (parts break down) it looks like the release has 4 parts to it, the button, 2 springs,and lever. It looks like the control panel will have to be removed to see if the springs popped out of place to fix your issue. Best to have a good appliance tech, diagnose, estimate, make the repair as microwaves can be very dangerous to work on and should not be repaired by the inexperienced. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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