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Apple's operating system for its Mac desktop and portable computers.

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Why won't my Air show a startup disk after formatting

After formatting my macintosh hd, I went to reinstall Mac OS X Lion. Won't load past beyond Apple needing to verify my computers eligibility, the time it has it prompt me for a "access key password" which I am unaware of. So I choose to select a starter disk, but it shows no disk to choose from. What do I do??

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Instead of trying to jump through a ton of hoops with apple you can instead reinstall your operating system using internet recovery mode INSTEAD of installing from a drive or disc, attached is a guide to booting into internet recovery mode, follow this guide step for step as it tells you how to format your drive using disk Utility to make it compatible with Mac Os again before selecting install Mac Os, the guide can be found here: Internetwiederherstellung nutzen, um macOS auf einer neuen SSD zu installieren

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