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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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Why don't startup, what is failing?

Hi, i have just bought a a1138 powerbook g4, i was testing installed apps then, system got frozen, i pushed power on button and hold until it shut down, now it don't startup.

Powers on but:

  • No chimes
  • Sleep led is on
  • Superdrive spins in cycles
  • Battery charges
  • If I push the shift key its LED lights on and then off
  • Seems that no reaction to any key booting options like secure mode or reset nvram ...
  • If i remove RAM , it starts and sleep LED blinks
  • I tried removing the RAM too
  • If i hold power on button, all fans run and then same behavior.

Thanks all for reading

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I hope you didn't pay too much here, This system is quite old and won't run any of the current versions of OS or app's.

As to fixing it sounds like your logic board needs replacing. This system had a known issue with the chip set that it used which is likely your problem here.

Sadly, finding a good logic board will be difficult. It maybe best to return it and get your money back so you can buy a newer used system.

Sorry ;-{

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Hi, i bought this laptop to use a pcmcia sound card, Mac OS X tiger 10.4.11 is enough to work with Logic 7 and my purposes, this model works with ATI chip.

Thanks for your answer


Sorry I wasn't quite finished. I had to get my dogs out as they where complaining.

There is a newer MacBook Pro that has a PC-Card slot (which was the newer accessory card option for laptops).. Your other option here is to use a still newer system which has a USB3 port and use a USB based unit.


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