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MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012 won't boot/find SSD Samsung 850 evo

Hi everyone

I'I've being using my mac for almost a year with the Samsung 850 Evo ssd, without a problem. I made a clean install when Yosemite came around and it was workin great. I also updated it to El Capitan and worked smooth. But one morning after hibernation I open it and said there was no disk. Try to reboot, time machine, but nothing worked. Finally I errase everything to make a clean install but after boot my mac wouldn't find it. I tried to reinstall it inside the mac and using a USB adapter. When using a USB adapter it worked and even boot up. But as soon as I plug it internally and boot it up, the ssd wasn't found.

I'll appreciate any help.


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Most likely the hard drive IR cable. Apple is now replacing this models cable for free if it fails their test. Try an ASP rather than Apple as they have a financial incentive to help you.

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the data ribbon cable connecting the HDD should b replaced

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