Dc charging port broken. Won't charge

Need to replace female dc charging port.

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Thank you so much for your question, I have the exact problem and no idea how to start nor even get the part, I hope someone has an answer. I would be so great full. Thanks again and if I do find one I'll let you know, this is a great little speaker

Regards luckystyx


I am sorry to bother you, I am an old newbie, but if you do find an answer for the issue you have it would be great to be able to fix mine as a well, thank you in advance Regards. T


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Im planing to solder another type of female and male connectors direct to board but still use my DC charger.

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Hello, I had the same issue with mine, and after scouring the internet I found the CORRECT replacement DJ jack part via an Aliexpress seller. I had to order 4 different jacks, 2 different times, but finally the 6 month search ended with the right part.


In case that seller link dies, you can source out your own by searching “Sony DC power jack” and the part/model number is “DC-022”. Good Luck!

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