Redmi 3s LCD backlight not working

Hi, my Redmi 3s backlight is not working.

The phone can boot up and i can see the display IF i shine a flashlight on it

I disabked automatic brightness and placed it to full but the backlight still doesnt turn on.

How and where to test the backlight diode and coil?


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I have the same problem as well. Seems like a bad contact - it lights when I push the lower part of screen


Same problem here. It lights up when I push bottom of the screen somewhere between middle of the screen and right edge.

I disassembled the lower part of the phone - there's a little hole about 2x1cm (at the exact spot where I need to push the display to light it up) - there I can see part of the display electronics, but it doesn't seem to be anyway serviceable.

Does anybody know how to fix it without complete display replacement? Thanks.



I fixed it putting small peace ( ~ 3mm x 15mm) of thick paper (cut a business card) into the hole you mentioned. You see the flat wire in the hole connecting display , so try to place a cut of paper between wire and metal part pushing it down to the bottom of phone and close to the right (if you see phone backwards) part of hole). Two+ months passed and fix is still working.


Wow, it seems that it helped, thanks man. It's only a few days, but the backlight didn't turn off a single time since then. Too bad I didn't try it earlier. I was so desperate, I already ordered Redmi 4 :)


I have d same problem on my redmi note 3 pro everything is functional and can see the screen if I shine a flash light on it my screen backlight is just not coming on for the past two weeks , I've tried the little paper trick but no success... Is there any thing else I could do..

Thanks in advance


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I think its around the right corner. Try pressing it. If pressing does the half work for you ie. releasing it makes the problem comes again, you might wanna open it and then check the digitizer connection . opening your stuff is dangerous it is highly recommended to go to your nearest MI store.

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me too, i thing be solved in my phone.. i am confused

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