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MacBook Pro Modelle mit 13 Zoll-Displays

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MacBook Pro's USB and thunderbolt port dead

Hi there,

My thunderbolt and USB port have had a rough time with a card reader (overheat) and I can't read any device plugged in anymore.

My Macbook pro won't recognise anything I plug in (beside the magsafe of course)

What are my options ? Because it seems I have to change the motherboard since they are tied to it ?

Pardon my english...

Thank you !


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Please tell us your exact model of MBP.


Thank you for your answer,

Both thunderbolt and USB are dead, because i plugged in a card reader that was plugged in a domestic wall plug (is this clear?) and it instantly crashed my computer. I could restart the mac but since the ports are dead...

I have a 13 inches mi-2010 Macboo pro,

2,4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

is this something I can do by myself ? replacing the ports without touching the motherboard? And i guess there is a specific port for each version of a macbook ?

Thanks !


@miyabio either way it will be a logic board repair. I reckon for the USB port the ferrite bead (L4600 or L4610, depending on the port) has burnt out. See this a lot, will definitely be these if the USB is transmitting power still (lights up a USB you plug in, for example).

Displayport issue, not too sure to be honest (never had one in to get this fixed before), but would probably say either L9400 or D9400 have died, since they are for the display port power (PP3V3_S0_DPPWR). Otherwise, check the ferrite beads on the logic board around this port to see if one looks burnt (they are black and silver components, right by the port).

If you don't have a soldering iron, hot air station, schematic or board view, would recommend sending it somewhere :)


Exact same thing happened to my 2012 MB Pro, but on the left side -- 2 TB ports + USB dead, immediately after attaching DisplayPort (CinemaDisplay monitor, all Apple components).

This is dreadful board design.

Genius Bar wants $600 to replace Logic Board.

Why would I do this, when the new logical board has same design faults?

Shame upon Apple.


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I would recommend replacing the thunderbolt port. The connections to the thunderbolt may have been damaged or disconnected due to yanking or rough pulling of cord originally connected to thunderbolt.

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