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Das März 2015 Update bringt jetzt die fünfte Generation Intel Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren in das Apple 13" MacBook Air, dadurch wird die Leistung und die Akkulaufzeit etwas verbessert.

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MacBook Air screen is black but boots normally


two months ago my display started to flicker sometimes. It also was a bit darker than before even if turned up the highest brightness.

Since I've been travelling through Asia I couldn't take care of the problem and wanted to tackle it back home.

Two weeks ago while working on the computer it made a little crack noise and the screen went completely black.

It boots perfectly and when using a flashlight I can see what's on the screen. Also no problems when using an external monitor. The lights for the keyboard also work normal, the Apple logo on the back of the display does not.

Any chance to bring the display back to live?

Thank you in advance!

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1 Antwort

This sounds like a bad inverter to me. On the Macs I'm most familiar with, this is a board level repair, but it is possible if you can find someone who knows how do do that.

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Yep board level repair.

Could be that liquid got onto the board and damaged one or more components of the backlight circuit / the LCD connector on board / cable could be either one of those of a combination of those.

OP: Did the crack noise sound more like a electrical spark which is a sign of a short circuit? I wonder if the LCD cable can go bad on these Macbook Airs from screen hinge.


@benjamen50 yes the LCD cables can go bad rarely (only seen a few with this issue though, on 2013 models), usually it won't cause backlight issues though, more likely no picture.

@simonk sounds like liquid damage as Ben said, check the LCD connector and cable on the board, this is the most common area affected. If not this, it could be the backlight IC or trace. If it was flickering a bit beforehand, it would indicate liquid damage.


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