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2,3GHz, 2,6GHz oder 2,7GHz Quadcore Intel Core i7 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,7GHz) mit 6MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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Will I void my warranty?

I have a mac that has a broken motherboard caused by the GPU. I had constant crashes and GPU panic and it suddently stopped turning on.

I called Apple and since its still under warranty, they said they would fix it for free. However, I had a hinge that was loose that I tried to fix myself earlier. I broke the T8 screws and have some missing cover screws. I never touched the motherboard tho. Will I still get the free or does it void my warranty?

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It's going to void warranty most likely. If you want to be safe get the paint chipped / threaded screws replaced with new ones and new bottom metal cover screws.

Clean any fingerprints inside the MacBook if you see any as well.


How do I remove this screw?



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Repair anything that may seem to prevent you from receiving a warranty, such as replacing the screws and any damage that may have looked to have harmed the motherboard. When turning in device, have it looking very clean and you shouldn't have a problem with getting the free warranty! Good luck!

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There is no trace of me touching the motherboard. Just the screws. I ordered new cover screws. One of the T8 screw heads is broken. How do I remove them?


Okay! Fantastic! To remove a screw with a broken head, if you have any device tweezers from iFixit or Phonedoctors, trying to get a grip of it and twisting slowly, if that doesnt work you can purchase (ScrewGrab) which can be found at Phonedoctors, which help get broken screws out.


How do I remove a broken screw like this?



That does not look like a fun situation! Sorry for being in that position! Have you tried using pliers or duck-bill pliers and try to get a firm grip on it and slowly unscrew it? It looks as if the screw is lifted higher than the surface and seems like you could get a grip of it with Duck-Bill pliers if you or a friend or neighbor has one.

Good luck!


Thank all of you ok ifixit :) I removed it by using a small plier :D


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I have sent customers to Apple who have A1286 GPU issues, where I have replaced the battery, keyboard or something else previously, and it was returned to me with this GPU fault. I haven't heard back from these customers, so presume the issue was resolved.

The issue is a manufacturing fault with the logic board, nothing else done to the Macbook will cause this issue, so you should be fine. All I do myself, is make sure all the bottom screws are present.

If you were worried about the hinge screws, just get the rubber covers, they will not have to remove this to remove the logic board.

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I ordered new screws. However . I cant remove the last one. I am scared they will charge money.


If they are hinge screws, just order the rubber covers and put them over the screws. They do not have to access these to remove the logic board.

If you really do want to remove it, use pliers to grab the thread tightly and twist it. Or use a dremel tool to cut a slot in the top, so you can use a flathead


Thank you :) I removed it by using a small plier :D


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