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Sechste Generation der Apple iPhones, angekündigt am 12. September 2012. Die Reparatur des Geräts ist ähnlich derer älterer Modelle, Schraubendreher und Hebelwerkzeuge werden benötigt. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA ,16, 32 oder 64 GB in schwarz oder weiß.

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Touch only working on second try

A customer brought me an iPhone 5, the problem is that always when the screen is off for a longer time (at least 10 minutes) and I turn it on again, the touchscreen isn't working right. When I turn the screen off and on again it works fine. What could be the problem? Already tried reconnecting the flex cables. Could the display be faulty?

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You could have a bad screen assembly. The logical first step is to replace it with a good quality part.

The iPhone 6 and 6+ are well known to have problems with Touch (Touch Disease) but this is not a common problem with the 5.

iPhone 5 Screen Bild


iPhone 5 Screen


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Yep you nailed it.


I noticed an increase in temperamental behaviours with touch on a couple iPhone5 after updating to ios 10. Might be a coincidence, but...


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there is a prossesor that starts to loose its conections due to the phone being subjected to bending.this prossesor is responsible for touch recognition.ifixit can show you wich one it is so you can replace it if it is economical to do so.There is no guarantee this is the issue but i would put money on it.good luck and always have fun fixing.

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