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Guides for coffee makers from the manufacturer Gaggia.

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Machine grinds, presses coffee, but does not always brew.

Gaggia Platinum Vision

The machine grinds, then it goes to the press cycle, performs the coffee press cycle. Once it is to perform the brew cycle, on many occasions, displays the message, "add coffee beans", while the coffee reservoir is full of beans. The machine does not brew. By sticking a spatula in the frill chamber, and going around the drill/grinder, and cycling the complete brew command again, the machine brews coffee through a complete cycle. On occasions, it takes two or three times repeating the spatula work, turning the machine on and off, to get the complete brew cycle. This wastes a lot of good costly coffee. We regularly descale and clean the coffee maker when it displays time to do so. Any suggestions, and/or instructions, outside of taking the unit to a professional repair shop?

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Did you get this solved? I'm having this issue as well; I took the machine apart today to clean the grinder but it's still doing the same thing.


I had this problem too and I found that changing the coffee helps. I was using a type that had too much "oil" on the beans. Now I switched to a dry type and it seams to work.....so far anyway.


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You can download the repair manual here: http://www.partsguru.com/GaggiaPlatinumm...

wish I could help more.

Parts are here: http://www.blackfridaydeals2016.co/gaggi...

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