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A home desktop computer by Gateway, first available in 2004.

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Why wont my fan shut off?

Model# is. Gm5684e. I kno it is old but never used much,,, got a virus in it 4 yrs ago. Want to see if it can be fixed. Thank you!

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A bit more info will get you more relevant answers.

What OS is installed?

What problems are you having?

In desktop PC fans normally run all the time. Which fan are you asking about, the PSU fan, the CPU fan, the case fan. If it is the CPU fan is yours running at very high speed and is noisy? This could indicate that the CPU is overheating. Is the PC doing a lot of activity all the time?

Have you run an Anti Virus program to check for viruses?

What have you tried?


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AH sad machine. It came with Vista as an operating system which is not great.

I virus or mal ware can be running so any crapware in the background it can over power the processor and make it heat up needing the fan to be on full blast.

I know what it is like to have an old computer and you just want to keep using it and it work well. It has a dual core but limited to one gig memory and a small hard drive. If you do not have a friend who can help you for free then a computer repair store would probably need $100 to start a fix. You have to decide if anything on the hard drive is worth saving, if nothing is then put the operating system disk that come with it in the DVD and then shut down the computer or unplug it if you can not get the mouse to work. It should boot to the disk and you will see a statement to hit any key to run the disk . Then just format the hard drive and have a fresh start.

Again this is not a hard thing to do and typing out the whole procedure here would be fun but taxing. Utube has many videos on how to reload Vista from scratch. Do not be frightened, you can not kill it even if you get it wrong the first tie just re do it again.

NOTE: You have led us down the path of saying your computer has been taken over with malware and virus. It may be possible the CPU cooler fan and heat sink is full or dirt. Get a can of compressed gas, remove the side and take outside then blow the inside out mostly the cooling heat sink.

Good luck

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