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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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water damage, iPod turning off and on, home button broken

It's a very dark screen with all the water in it and the home button does not work. Also, it will sleep and then ask to be turned off

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You should make sure it's completely dry before you try to turn it on or charge it. Placing the device in an air tight container with dry rice is used by many.

Once it's all dried you can try to charge it and restore it using iTunes. But it might be an idea to clean the logic board before charging, if you are comfortable with opening it.

You'll find repair guides and other usefull links to the right on this page.

Expanding your description with more details, might be a good idea as well.

Good luck, and please update on progress

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It needs to dry out before doing anything else. The best temperature is around the same as your defroster/heater on your car. Don't use a hair dryer or it will overheat.

If you have no other options, a sunny window sill will work. In that case, give it a couple of days.

After it's dry (no water visible anywhere), charge it for an hour or so. Then attempt to turn it on.

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