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Attempt to print and receive vague error message 95% of the time

My family recently moved and ever since I connected it wirelessly to the new network it has been giving an error message. There does not seem to be any other information or error codes associated. This error has occurred with each of 3 different computers (all of which worked well with the printer prior to the move/change in wireless network).

Will not print from internet, saved documents or a test page. Printer will show as "available" or "online" and after an attempt is made and error sent, will present as "not responding", etc.

Please help? Thank you so very much.

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To add to @jainore answer, try installing a WiFi scanner program here is a link to see what the signal level is on your WiFi channel and if there is any interference coming from other networks which are using the same channel. If the signal level appears low, (remember that they are -ve values so the 'higher' the number the lower the signal level) try moving your printer or WiFi router to a different location to see if the level improves.

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@gtsd I would try logging into the online interface. Type in the ip address into a browser url bar. Check that SNMP is enabled, also FTP and SFTP. It's hard to say what else without looking at the interface. If you can't connect the the browser interface then I would connect to it with a usb cable and access the settings that way and enable HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (443), that should allow interface accessibility. Hope this helps, I know it's vague but hard to say much else without sitting in front of it.

- Jacob

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Sorry, I have no idea how to approach any of the steps you just said. :( I'm pretty sure the connections are all there. We have successfully printed from each of the 3 computers and new network at least once. But it is a rare case that when we ask something to print that it actually does.


@gtsd Okey doke. So some more user friendly advice would be to make sure if the printer isn't plugged in with a cat 5 ethernet cable or better (the typically blue cable, cat 5e and cat 6 are fine too, just not cat 3) then it'll help to have it near (near being fewest amount of walls and < 50 ft) the router.

Something else that will have a serious impact is having the right software (drivers) which can be found here: https://epson.com/Support/Printers/All-I...

I would download the recommended combo.

Since it does print sometimes but not others it makes me think it's too far from the computer trying to print, or the router. Let me know if this works out. Good luck!

- Jacob


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Try to follow these steps, below,

Step 1 - Check printer connectivity with device

Step 2 - Reset printer setting

Step 3 - Remove all printers from the printer list

Step 4 - First delete the existing print queue & again add your printer

Step 5 - Finally, Reset the printing system

If still you're not able to fix it, call @ +1 (800) 620-8060 (Toll-Free) number

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