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Tipps, wie du iFixit optimal nutzt

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Not so much a question, but a big thank you all...

Hi all you iFixit's...

It's hard even to get my "question" here, already when typing my "device" and "title" - iFixit "Ask a Question" already puts in suggestions to solve my question as I type...

Just gotten your lovely "Thank you" mail from iFixit, I wanna give something back!

It started some years ago, my old Travelmate 6592G started to get - well -old, and at the about that time my best friend of mine got cancer, got operated, got well, and suddenly - he was in need of a PC who could handle all the internet, customers and what not in his shop - the world turns, and so does everything else... "Borrow my old laptop old friend, it'll do the work for you mate".

Well, it did, and he still does, however, "Listen old friend, your battery is kinda worn, so I¨ll get you a new one before you get your laptop back, and its overheating kinda fast...".

The battery we quickly fixed with help from the internet, and he got me a new one, however - the overheating persisted, and this is where iFixit comes to the rescue!

The two of us both being technicians, we found iFixit, found the instructions on how to take apart my old Travelmate, clean it for dust all the right places, apply new heat transferring paste, put it all together again, and start it up again monitoring the temperatures with the small programme I installed, we all had a happy Saturday afternoon, my friend, me and my son.

After that of course came my daughters broken iPhone (my sons twin), my good colleagues iPhone, and - well - whats next...

All in all, couldn't be what I am without you lovely iFixit¨s!

Thank you, and hope to give you all back soon....and a happy christmas.


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@mayer,@oldturkey03, I do not know if possible, I was wondering if this persons appreciation could be seen by all ifixit volunteer team or at least the active ones. Thanks in advance.


maybe @kaykay could copy and paste it up on Meta.


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jen, you do know that we don't work for iFixit. We're just like you. So feel free to join us. It is, however, a pretty thankless job. It is very seldom that anyone says thanks or even bothers to give us an up vote. You do get the camaraderie of a really great group of people. Your acknowlegment of our efforts is very much appreciated. Now go to work and answer some of these question ;-)

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Well, step it up, all of you :-)


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jenslauer, I hope the rest of the ifixit's volunteer's team does not mind me stepping up and saying thank you for the kind words and thought. It make's us feel what we do is worth while and our answers are appreciated. Have a good Christmas and good luck with all your devices.

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jenslauer thank you very much for your kind words. I consider it a pleasure and a privilege to assist people much like yourself, your friends and families. It is us that will have to step it up. We need more guides, more volunteers to fix more devices. Remember what ifixit stands for "We're all in this thing together, and if we work together we can fix the planet. Join us."

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