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Das iPhone 6 Plus mit dem 5,5 Zoll Display ist die größere Version des iPhone 6 und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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iPhone 6 plus stuck in DFU mode after replacing touch ic

I have fixed many iphones and I am good in microsoldering. I received this iPhone 6 plus for touch ic disease. When I opened the phone I noticed that some other technician has tried to re-hot the ic by using lots of Flux all over the board.

So I replaced the Meson chip to fix the touch issue. When I turn the phone on, it didn't turn on. I checked most of the required voltages and there is no shorting. When I connected the phone to computer, it detects the phone in DFU mode. There is no option of update.

What area, components or ic chip is responsible for DFU mode? Customer doesn't want to loose data that's why I didn't try to restore.

Has anyone encounter such a problem? Please share and help me to solve this issue.


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No chip is "responsible" for DFU Mode, unless you want to consider the CPU. You could try a software like ReiBoot to take it out of Recovery Mode.

I suspect the Meson replacement did not work perfectly, you may want to reflow it or change it again.

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3Utools is currently the best software to use right now as it supports exiting recovery mode on all iDevices.


Minho is right. if it has been heated prior then the CPU is most likely the cause.

the best process with any fault is undo what you have done and start over. remove the driver and trackpad and power up without. this will eliminate the touch being the cause


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I had similar issue after fixing new touch ic at shop and the phone worked fine for few weeks then enter dfu mode by itself and i never could take it out.

The guy in the shop said power ic is damaged and this problem has no solution

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