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Problems after upgrading ram from 2gb to 4gb

i bought 2x2gb kingston pc2-5300 cl5 200 pin sodimm, i want to upgrade my 2x1gb ram macbook.

When i put the new slots, the mac does not start, the display is black and the led is on as if the dispaly was in standby.

But if i put one of the new ram combined with an old one, the mac starts and the system profiler states that there are 3 gb ram and both the slots are OK.

In conclusion, there's no way to make the mac start without an old slot of ram, but both the new rams are working if used together with an old one.

My mac supports up to 4gb ram.


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There are easily 10 different threads I've found reporting this very issue over the last couple of years with earlier model Intel MacBooks not recognizing new RAM unless one of the original RAM is in one of the slots. The advice is always the same: Bad RAM, wrong RAM, installed incorrectly, you're doing it wrong, etc. In no instance has anybody reported a working solution. If anybody out there has a suggestion for addressing this weirdness, I'd be grateful for the help.


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Looks like the Mac is not working good with that Ram. Maybe the ram is not perfect, but it works on other pcs


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The macbook depending on the exact model may possibly limited by the chipset to 3gb see here: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/ma...

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