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Repair guides and support for leaf blowers—whether gas-powered, corded-electric, or battery operated.

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Cannot take out of choke position, without stalling.

Blower will start, and will run slowly in the "choke" position....but stalls when put in "run" position....(In choke position, it runs too slowly to be of any use.)

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Many times this is caused by a plugged vent in the gas cap. Try running it and unscrew the fuel cap part way to see if venting the tank will allow it to run without the choke. If so, then clean the cap with hot water and dish soap or replace the cap with a new one.


Next I would replace the fuel filter as they are extremely small and when they begin to plug up they will restrict the flow of fuel. Often when you need the choke on or partially on to run the engine (two-stroke) this indicates the filter because the choke is restricting air-flow and pulling in more fuel.


I'm going to try this it's worth a try



I have to thank you. I am a capable person but my Mantis tiller was giving me fits. I can fix most things given a bit of time but could not figure out why my 4 cycle Mantis tiller would not run out of the choke position. I take extremely good care of my equipment and had never suffered an issue with this one until this week. I called Mantis support, searched the Honda website, called local repairmen, reviewed YouTube, etc.

You were the only one that helped! I would never have thought the gas cap purge/vent diaphragm could have led to this issue. I tried it, loosened the gas cap and immediately my problem was solved. I spent many hours scratching my head over this event.

Thank you. You are the best.


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Remove the air cleaner and the carburetor. Replace the gas and all the fuel lines with new parts.

Get a carb rebuild kit from a local shop or buy online. Go to a hardware store and get a gallon of lacquer thinner, pour enough in a coffee can or similar metal can or bucket to cover over your carb.

Remove all screws and jets from the carb and dunk everything in the lacquer thinner for about 24 hours.

While everything is apart, be sure to check the tightness and security of the bolts on the engine. A lot of times the nuts or bolts that hold the 'jug' on the crank case come loose allowing too much air in the cylinder causing too lean a fuel/air mixture and hence having to run it on choke all the time.

Use new parts to rebuild the carb. Reinstall carb and fuel lines and air cleaner. Tighten all screws and nuts tightly. Add new gas and it should be good to go.



PS, search Youtube for your specific type of equipment and chances are you will see a video tutorial on just exactly how to fix the exact problem you are having specific to exactly the type of equipment you did not specify in your question.

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A solid answer +


what do you mean by the "jug"


I've tried all that


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I suspect it isn’t getting enough fuel. You should replace your fuel filter and rebuild your carb if the fuel filter replacement doesn’t work. While you’re taking it apart, be sure to clean the air filter, check the oil, just general preventative maintenance.

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Clogged carb or air leak

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