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Repair guides and support for Nextbook tablets.

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Unresponsive/frozen screen and shuts off after auto installed update.

I've had my Nextbook 11.6 tablet (Model No. NX16A11264) for several months now. At first just turning on the unit was tricky. I had to press the power on button several times, sometimes holding it for a few seconds. Eventually it would turn on. So I started to use the tablet and it would freeze on me. Sometimes it would just shut itself off, sometimes I had to do a hard shut down to restart the unit - that happened so much that I wanted to throw my tablet into the wall. FINALLY after a couple weeks it started acting fine.

This morning it auto updated itself and now I'm back to square one! Ugh it's so frustrating. Worse part is that the website for Nextbook is a joke. Even as I type this I've had to do a hard shut down at least five times. I wonder if this problem exists with just this one unit or does it happen with all of their tablets?

Is there any solution for a tablet that's unresponsive and keeps freezing? Is there an app that can help me with this or should I consider a factory reset? Anyone out there that can help me with this I would REALLY appreciate any comments.

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Try the following to see if the problem is hardware related, software related or is able to be fixed by performing a factory reset.

Backup the tablet.

Fully charge the tablet's battery.

Factory reset the tablet.

It is now in a factory default condition. See how it performs now. Allow a bit of time to ensure that you are fully satisfied about its' performance, good or bad.

(The factory default condition now for your tablet is the latest version firmware that has been installed, it does not revert back to the firmware that was installed when you first got it).

If it still exhibits the same problems then you most probably have a hardware problem. As your tablet should still be covered by the manufacturer's warranty (12 months ) consult the documentation that came with the tablet or here to see what you have to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

If it exhibits no problems restore the tablet using the backup you made.

See how it performs now. Allow a bit of time to ensure that you are fully satisfied about its' performance, good or bad.

If it still exhibits no problems then the reset has fixed the problem.

If it exhibits the same problems as before then you most likely have a software problem, caused by one of your downloaded apps. The hard part will be finding the one that causes the problem. You will have to uninstall each downloaded app, one by one, and check after each one is uninstalled whether the problem is still there or not. Once it starts to perform normally it will be the last app that you uninstalled that may be the culprit. (Don't forget to restart (normal turn off and turn on) the tablet between each app uninstallation to ensure that the uninstallation procedure is fully completed)

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i had the same isssue and even sent it to the company for repairs but they cant find a prolem so mine is still doing the same ting as yours

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