Side of Front Screen Lifted Up, Magnetic Charging Port Also Loose


I am located in South Africa.


The one side of the front screen on my Sony Xperia Z3 has lifted up. The issue started right above the magnetic charging port where it normally gets warm when the phone charges, so I think the adhesive tape has just failed. The magnetic charging port is also loose and can sometimes even come halfway out the phone when I disconnect it from the magnetic charger.

The phone still works 100% fine, it's just that the screen has lifted and I don't want dust, dirt or water getting inside. It started out being about (I estimate) 0.5mm and only above the magnetic charging port, and now almost the entire side of the phone is lifted up with the highest place being again above the magentic charging port at (I estimate) 1.5mm.


How do I fix this? Do I just put some Tesa tape in the gaps through which it will fit and press down on the screen? I read in "Glue is losing grip after LCD repair " that superglue is to be avoided, is that correct?

Even though I've been involved with computers and hardware since I was a kid (I'm 32 now) I am quite inexperienced when it comes to electronic repairs like this. Except for some small screwdrivers(1.4mm is the smallest) I also don't have any tools like in the Smartphone Repair Kit or Pro Tech Toolkit + Magnetic Project Mat.

I have looked at the following guides/questions already:

Thank you


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Use b7000 liquid glue to stick the screen in place without needing to open the phone.

For the magnetic dock part I use double sided tape a bit under or and/or b7000 glue to make it stay there.


Thank you for your reply @ben , I'll take a look at it. It might be quite difficult to get the nozzle of the glue between the side frame of the phone and the screen though. How thin is the applicator please?

Just to be clear, is this what you are referring to?


Yep that's the one. The nozzle does not need to go under the glass for the glue to get in. You can just have the glue squeeze into the gap and it'll seep in and you can use your hand to push the glue in then let it set by getting the glue under the glass then using sticky tape to keep the screen held down tightly to let the glue dry up well.

Then after like 12-24 hours take the tape off then the screen should be held in place well.


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