Car turns off while driving.

My car won't stay on while I'm driving. Sometimes the car won't turn on at all. I have bought new plugs, cap and rotor, and alternator, still no luck. Please help!

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Hi, Take the vehicle to an AutoZone store (if in the USA - they do it for free apparently) and get the OBDII port scanned to see if there are any fault codes there which may give you an indication of what the problem is.


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My civic died while driving.. wouldn't start.. after it cooled down a bit, it turned right back over... only to die again after idling for a minute..

turned out replacing the distributor fixed it... i landed on that after a lot of googling... people said the igniter inside the distributor is likely bad, and when it heats up it fails.

I see you posted this in january, so....

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My honda civic stalled while driving it started back up I went on it stalled again 6times till I got home cooled down last 2 days ran fine help

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I have been having problems with starter going to replace tied tapping starter may have very lightly touched distributer don't thing I damaged it definitly didn't crack it could this have caused my problem


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