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Apple veröffentlichte das MacBook Pro 15 Zoll Retina mit einem neuen Display, dessen Auflösung 2880x1800 beträgt.

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tried to attach new display; black screen. old display comes on?

I tried repeatedly to replace my broken MacBook Pro 15" Retina display with a new display. I bought a new one online. Attached it using the ifixit guide. Black screen. Bought a second one online. Black screen. Reattached the old display and it comes on (but with lines), so I don't think it's the logic board that's messed up. But what is going on? I would say maybe I made a mistake, except that I followed the ifixit guide to the letter and it obviously works when I put the old display back. Also the model of computer I have is A1398 EMC 2910 and I was careful to select a Retina display for that model. Help!!!

Update (01/10/2017)

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Sure you are selecting the correct year? I have listed the compatible years below;

  • 2012-early 2013
  • Late 2013-2014
  • 2015

Send a picture of the lines which appear with the old screen, to see if it is an issue related to the logic board or damage to the screen.

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Maybe it is the year. Once I entered the serial number into Apple's website it showed my MacBook Pro is actually 2015. Could that be it? Why would all the parts go together the same, but not work?


I just realized how naive that sounds. Keep in mind I'm not a repair tech! :)


That's not a problem. The 2013-2014 displays will not work on the 2015 models (even though it plugs in fine). The reason for this, is because the pinout for the LCD connector is different, since the display itself works slightly differently.

When you plug an older screen in, it expects certain voltages at certain points on the LCD cable, but doesn't receive them in the right areas, since the older display uses these voltages in different areas.

The pictures show a damaged screen, so buy a 2015 display assembly and it should be fine :)


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Done and I'll update you how it works out


It worked! Thanks again!


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