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does this service cost anything

I have a sony dsc-hx-60v camera when I take pictues I then like to view them. When I push the arrow it takes me to a weird looking view that has the picture very small and 4 rectangles on the side with different color flames. I did a factory reset but that did not work

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The solution is simple: press up on the d-pad when in playback mode. The button that says display on it it will change the way your picture displays. Those little colored flaming things are RGB histograms. They tell you if your photos are to bright or to dark in certain areas. To make them go away and display the photo in the whole screen, just press up. Hope this helps.

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I cannot believe the answer was so simple..THANK YOU!! I spent 3 hours last eve trying to get an answer I got a sony technician that could not tell me what to do I was going to pack it up for repairs(his suggestion) THANK YOU again.


Glad I could help.


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calm check your settings menu for playback. You get there by pressing the Fn button and use the arrows to get to the desired function. Go to playback and check the view mode as well as other settings and see if you can reset that. Yes, it's free on here

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