3DS Doesn't Turn On And Doesn't Charge

I disassembled my 3ds because it had a problem with camera.Then i replugged it and reassembled it.But when i try to open it it doesn't do anything.When i put it on charger and turn it on it gives a red light for like 0.1 seconds then immediately closes and the orange light also turns off and on.I waited it to charge a little but on 10 minutes later the orange light goes off and when i try to turn it on it gives red light again and the orange light starts to flash again.I tried it by taking the battery out but charger plugged and it also didn't worked.

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Hi, I also have his problem. What can I do? I replaced the top screen and I reassembled the device, connected EVERYTHING and it did not want to power on anymore but the orange light stays forever.


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