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Repair guides and support for Dell Netbooks, a class of small, lightweight laptop computer from the late 2000s.

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type of hd in latitude 810/820

type of HD in latitude 810/820

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cec331 , See links below for the specs. on the Dell d810/d820 and link for replacement HD, which if you need, can also do a google search on for better pricing. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.




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Assuming your running Windows, go to the start menu, type in system info, and open it. It will give you information about the drive. An alternative way is to go to file explorer, right click on the C: drive, and select properties.

Hope this helps!

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This type of laptop uses an old 2.5" IDE laptop form factor (40-pin).

Due to the age of this, it is nearly impossible to find a new 40 pin.

On the bright side, technology has improved. I would suggest the following 2 options:

1) SD Card --> SD Card to Compact flash adapter --> Compact flash to 2.5" IDE adapter

2) Msata --> MSata to 2.5" IDE adapter

Let me know if you need links to recommended parts. What I don't know is the max hard drive size the D8xx series can handle.

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