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backlight not working after liquid spill

I have a macbook that works fine after a liquid spill except the backlight does not turn on anymore. There was some residue on the logic board so I presume something related to the power circuitry has short circuited or a fuse has been blown. I checked the screen cable and it is fine.

So my questions:

1) How likely is it that replacing the logic board would solve the problem? Could the backlight itself be broken and how to test this?

2) Does anyone know which part of the logic board is responsible for the backlight power? In that way I could check the components to see if they are broken or not and possibly replace them.



Hi David,

I did not find the fried component. The laptop is sold by now, for a very low price :-(

I was able to find a drawing of a previous generation macbook that allowed one to search for the component's location. I guess it is only a matter of time before such a drawing also comes available for this generation....

Kind regards,


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It seems that http://www.laptop-schematics.com/ have board view schematics of the mother board (820-2567). These should allow you to find the fuse and replace it. I have no experience with this site so I don't know whether the schematics are correct...


You better ask them if the component F9800 can be found on the Board View before actually buying it. Might save you a buck or 20...


i have the same problem. did you solve anything? Thanks


I have checked the voltage at the lvds cable and there is no voltage for the backlight. I obtained the schematics for this logic board and probably the fuse that protects the led backlight driver is fried. It is named F9800 in the drawings and should be located near the backlight driver mc34845. Can anyone show me the exact location? Thanks!


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I had the same problem, the backlight would not come on, but this was because of a liquid spill. I found out the mac kept trying to go to "sleep" and was dimming the screen prior to sleeping. I got it mostly working by

1. Putting in a program that prevents the mac from sleeping.

2. Plugging into an external monitor. This somehow bypassed the short and the computer backlight would work and the computer did not sleep anymore.

Good luck.

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