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iPhone 6s wont charge after screen replacement

i just replaced a friend's iphone 6s. Everything is working, but later she said the phone would no longer charge.

I told her to bring it back and i will take a look.

I checked the repair guide and nowhere did i touch the charging part.

Anyone seems this issue before?

Would the charging problem due to the phone drop that crack the screen?


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always unplugged the battery connector, following the repair guide.


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It is possible that the logic board did sustain some damage from the drop. If it was hard enough to crack the screen, then it could also do additional damage. The question is, was the phone properly charging the battery before the repair or not?

There could be damage to the charging circuit (Tristar) from the drop or it could be a coincidental problem with the the 6S battery.

There is a recall on that device...look here: https://www.apple.com/support/iphone6s-u... although Apple may not honour it due to a non-original screen. Check your serial number and worse case, re-install the original screen and have it checked by Apple.

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Did you disconnect the battery prior to performing the screen repair. On the 6s there is one pin on the top screen connector that stays charged with a significant voltage even when the phone is locked or turned off. If you did not disconnect the battery you may have caused some board damage. Usually this blows out the backlight IC but with stray voltage to ground you never know. I would take a close look at the battery connector on the board to see if it didn't short to ground.

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i got the phone and plug it in, it boots right up, but after it boot up, it did not show its charging.

so, it is detecting the the charger, cause it boot when its plug in.

I power down the phone and re-seat the lightning cable by the battery connector. also i clean out the lightning port, which has lints. then it starts to charge.

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thats exactly my problem. I plug it in and the phone boots up. But no charging and no connection to Itunes. I have changed U2 already, but without luck. Any Ideas?


Did you reseat the lightning connector?


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