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Released in November 2013, this model of the HP 2000 series is the perfect device for those on a budget, but don't want to sacrifice performance.

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Motherboard powers off after 10 seconds of boot.

After I shutdown my laptop, I turn it on a while later and it powers on but then goes off after 10 seconds and doesn't show anything on the screen. No sounds or anything only the fan spins. The lights work perfectly and the motherboard receives power. So why, after all my good deeds, why is this happening to me. Please help me someone so that I may work on my unreal engine again.

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Im not sure if this helps, I know computers will shut off if overheated. If I were you I would open the laptop up using a guide. Check the condition of the thermal paste on the CPU and replace it. Also be sure to blow out some of that dust once you're in it.

Hope it helps, Good luck!

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I already did that bruh any other info I would really appreciate it.


I tried everything I know possible please help.


Do the lights stay on or does EVERYTHING power off after 10 seconds?


Everything powers off please keep helping.


When turning on, look at the lights do you show any blinking sequence at all?


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