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Das Xiaomi Mi 4 ist die vierte Generation von "Mi"-Smartphones der Xiaomi Technology Company und ist zum Zeitpunkt seines Erscheinens mit der neuesten Smartphone-Technologie ausgestattet.

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Can touch digitiser be seperated from LCD panel?

So I cracked the glass cover over the screen and had it replaced locally!

But it got cracked again itself. Is there any way to replace glass or touch digitiser only instead of changing full LCD touch folder!?

I can get the front panel (touch only) online. But am unsure if it could be done.

Please enlighten me.

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it could be done but do you really want to take on that headache to save a few bucks? It would be my suggestion to buy the whole assembly and not worry to save the little money. It will cost you more in frustration and then most likely you would break the lcd anyway so you would in the end take on the stress that goes along with saving a few bucks, then you would end up spending more in the end due to having to order the entire assembly anyway. Not to mention the time it will take for the part to ship to you.

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I have original (broken) folder with fully functional display. I can give a try on that!

Plus i'd be giving this job to a technician instead of doing myself..


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