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Das März 2015 Update von Apples 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, Modell A1502, bietet fifth-generation Intel Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren der 5. Generation und führt den Force Touch Trackpad ein.

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Water spill but still working - send for evaluation?

Sorry to bore you all with this question, I know it's been asked a million times but there are few particulars to my case that I'd like your opinions on. I'll try to be brief...

Yesterday I spilt about 1/4 a cup of water on my Macbook Pro keyboard. I immediately turned it upside down but before I could force shutdown, it powered off. Knowing that this was an ominous sign, I then left it in our hot cupboard upside down to dry (there didn't seem like an awful lot of liquid) for 36 hours.

In the meantime, I contact my home insurance company, who have arranged for the laptop to be collected tomorrow for repair. The excess is £250.

Today, I powered it back on and everything appears to be in full working order (keyboard checked, charging, touchpad working etc). I've used it for about 3 hours, whilst running a Time Machine backup and no problems at all.

My options are:

1. Send it off to the insurance company for evaluation and potentially repair (PROs - full inspection for any corrosion and replacement of motherboard if necessary. CONs - potentially £250 excess and loss of laptop for potentially 3 weeks).

2. Hope that laptop hasn't been damaged permanently and just use it as per usual.

What would you do?

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Even if your laptop is working right now, corrosion will most likely progress overtime until the laptop isn't functional. I'd recommend taking it to a professional repairperson with tools to repair water damage (i.e. an ultrasonic cleaner) and have them give it a once over. Since everything is working correctly right now, they probably won't need to replace any components and this will just be preventative maintainence—and it will most likely cost a lot less than £250.

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Really good advice. Thanks very much. I've called the insurance company and they're willing to put things on hold so I'll get it checked out over the weekend. Many thanks.

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