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The Sanyo VPC S1275 is a 12.0 mega pixel compact digital camera produced by Sanyo which is a subsidiary of Panasonic.

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Why won't my camera turn on properly?

I've had this camera for about a year now and some time in the last 6 months it started not working properly (I used to keep it in my school bag so it possibly got damaged from being dropped...)

Batteries are new. When I try turning it on, the LCD changes colour for a split second but nothing happens. I can sometimes (with a lot of patience and holding the camera at a certain angle) get it to turn on but then when I press the shutter button, it turns off again.

I know it's not just a LCD screen thing as the lens is not moving out once I have attempted to turn the camera on.

Any suggestions on how to repair this?

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will the lens zoom at all? or does it shut down when you try?


On the rare occasions that I actually get the camera on, the lens will zoom out, but then of course the camera will turn off again shortly after.


i am also having this problem. cleaned it like you said but didn't help it. when it come on for just a second. it will show a camera with a x above it. i can't find this in the trouble shooting info. any suggestions?


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Bookbags are notorious for getting dust and other crap getting into devices that gets thrown in. Assuming you just put it in the bottom and its there with all the dust and other stuff, it may be broken due to a buildup of junk inside and blocking the mechanics.

Try opening it up and cleaning it out.

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Thankyou, I will give this a try.


Wow, I feel pretty stupid now! I just opened it up and cleaned out the inside and it works again. I can't believe I didn't think of that before. Thankyou :)


How did you openit and clean it out


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