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Verkaufsstart Juni 2012, Model A1278. Intel Prozessor mit Turbo Boost, bis zu 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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After installing a new DC-In Board. Boots to white screen immediately


So I followed the IFIXIT guide to the T. I will be reassembling it gain after work. It is booting directly to a white screen with fans on full blast,

Now granted I hadn't received my new MagSafe power adapter yet, stupid amazon only delivering in bits and so I just went through and canceled the torx here, but I'll start being more loyal, since it was a free guide.

And of course working for Apple no body seems to have an answer there, it can't be video card because then wouldn't see nothing.

I'll probably order a battery too just in case because the AC light still isn't coming on.

It was working however fantastically last week, so far due to all the added shipping costs I've sent 65 dollars. Any suggestions? I'm going reset everything again.

The most logical answer is a hardware failure but how can I tell if I can't get into diagnostics? Any help would be greatly appreciated. And, yes I was running it without a battery!

I've reset NVRAM during the white screen which makes no sense

Then the System Management Controller (SMC) who knows, but I hold the power button for 20 seconds it will turn on. But still to a white screen.

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Quick question, is it wise to take the super drive out and leaving it out. ive never used it one and i wll do the ssd dive thing to it. Once shes up and running again.. I know that shes is starting to fail. but by by god, i'd give up my work station for her, al the fun things we've done toghter. these newer ..faster... macs that Apple gave me dont mean squat other than i have to use them for work.

All i care about is my 13 inch mid 2012 mac..

*!&$!&$^ ups better get here soon with my poewr suply.


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Could be the hard drive isn't in correctly? Might be worth pulling it out, blowing out any dust around the connectors with a can of air and putting it back in again. Or it could be a failed HDD, do you have another you can put in to test?

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good advice, i just took out the logic boad, but System Management Controller resets go full circle i used to do a trcik where would plugin a cheeap mark10 charger int a MacBook 2010 to ge her going and since for some reason the onluy way it would start is if something was plugged into its one its usb ports an d then it wold be shorted out. of course neve this to cusomers bu to ge this mac giong id had been shorting the magsafe with a android connector, the magsafe not the acutall MacBook, soi knowthats fault, som taking itall apart

hen puttting itall gether

that aiport part ooks like its goigno suck bu thanksfor he adivice. it wil give me another 5 hours of non stop appel appole aple crazinness

my typos are so bad that what 12 hours does to you.


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