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test page prints butnot from docouments will it print?

Have tried everything. the scan doctor tells me to test a page and it prints, but when i go to print from my word documents it will not print out. I have even rebooted the pc, and printer, but not working. thanks any solution. marg

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tow solution

1. remove driver for printer from pc and reinstall driver

2 inside word when u r want print u see the printer active select this printer

or press start in laptop

and go to devices and printer

and select ur printer as default

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thank you for your answer. i have lost my driver cd's do you know were i can purchase new ones, as HP has not answered me. Thanks


from hp support site its free download driver u can write type of hp printer

and ur system windows 7 or 10 and type windows 32 bit or 64 it


Thank you so much for your help :)


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The drivers are properly installed. Don't waste time on uninstalling and reinstalling.

From Microsoft Word, go to the File menu, and select Print from there.

There are a selection of different printers there.

Make sure you are selecting the correct printer.

To make this permanent, go to Control Panel, select "Devices and Printers".

Right click the printer you want to print from, and set "Make default printer" from the right-click menu.

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Thank you I will try this method, but the printer is shadow like in the list? not sure what this means, but will try to night. Also need a new cd drivers if i require to reinstall the hp printer, as I have missed place it. HP has not answered me where i can purchase a new one. any suggestions. thanks


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