The Kindle 4 has 4 models released September 28,2011.

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Is there a battery replacement?


We own a couple Kindle 4's and one of them is barely holding a charge (with maybe 4-7 days of operation versus weeks with heavy use or over a month with light use). Is there a replacement battery specific for this model and/or a method to swap it out?


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Grand! It looks like the battery replacement is as dead simple as it is for the previous generation of Kindle. Thanks!


All good mate. I'm glade it helped.


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Hey mate, you can purchase replacement batteries for your device. Here is the link to one of the ebay listing i found for it

Also, here is a link for a how-to guide, on replacing the battery

Hope this helps you.

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Not super easy ... the glue on the battery proved to be a worthy adversary, but it worked in the end. I found a battery supplier on aliexpress for USD 10, so at that price it makes sense. Otherwise paying 30 USD for a battery vs 70 USD for a new kindle is a bit of a toss-up.

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